Radical Feminist calls for the Caliphate to be restored

Leader of the radical feminist "Al Andalus now!" 711 movement with a proven track record of land-grabs has announced on Facebook plans to occupy the disputed territory of Andalucia on August 29th.

The radical Society of Andalucian Twats (SAT), with over 2,000,000 members, says it wants to “reclaim” Al Andalus not just for the themselves, but for the Caliphate as a whole. Spokesperson Fatima Bin Smokin, known for heading a 2012 supermarket shopping spree alongside village idiot, Jose Ignorant Landless announced this on their Facebook page last Sunday.

“Spain is a well-known den of corruption, that’s our main reason to occupy it in protest,” Bin Smokin, told a local newspsper. “We also want to reinstate Al Andalus's sovereignty, dismantle the Spanish military bases and protect small-scale smuggling in those waters.”

Asked if they had planned how to carry out the invasion, Fatima responded: “Thats a hard one, We haven’t decided yet; we’re aware there’s a large security presence at the seashore but we’ll find a way round it.”

Bin Smokin is referred to in Spain’s CCC newspaper as “the right-hand woman of landless”, the village idiot of a “communist udopia” in Spain’s largely unemployed Andalusia region.

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