Da Spanish main man does ereby, fa imself, is eirs and kids, yield to da crown of wicked britain da maximum and entire bits of da turf and castle of Gibraltar, togetha wiv da port, fortifitacions, and forts what is belongin; and he borrows up da said stuff to be eld and enjoyed for real wiv all manna of right fa eva, without any exception or screwin around whatsoeva.

But dat dodgy tings may be avoided by importin any kind of gear, da main man wills, and takes it to be known, dat da above-named turf be yielded to wicked britain without any chance of nickin more and without any opun communitacion wiv da turf round about. but as da communitacion by sea wiv da costa del crime may not at all times be so good or opun, and so it may appun dat da garrison and udda inhabitants of Gibraltar may be brought to wicked straits; it is da intention of da main man, only dat smugglin of goods should be indered by an inland communitacions.

So dat in them cases it may be on to buy, fa ready mula, in da neighbourin corner shops of da man, provisions and udda fings necessary fa da use of da garrison, da inhabitants, and da ships which lies in da arbour. but if any goods be found sneaked in, eitha by way of barta fa purchasin provisions, or unda any udda pretence, da same shall be had away, and complaint bein made abat it, those persons who ave acted contrary to da faif of dis treaty, shall be banged up.

a britannic majesty, at da request of da main man, does ereby agree, dat no chance shall be givun whatsoeva, eitha to da jews or bruvers, to reside or ave their dwellings in da said turf of gibraltar; and dat no refuge or shelta shall be allowed to any ships of war of da bruvers in da arbour of da said turf, dat da communitacion betweun spain and ceuta may be obstructed, or da coasts of spain be messed by da excursions of da bruvers, but bein as ow treaties of friendship an tha deals is done betweun da British and them places situated on da coast of Africa, it is always to be said, dat da british subjects, does not refuse da bruvers and their ships entry into da port of Gibraltar purely upon da account of merchandisin.

a majesty da main bitch of wicked britain does furtha say, dat da free exercise of da prayin shall be indulged to da pope's fans of da aforesaid turf. and in case it shall ereafter seem meet to da crown of wicked britain to grant, borrow or by any means to mess with da said turf of Gibraltar, it is ereby agreed and concluded dat da preference of avin da sale shall always be givun to da crown of spain before any da udder crowns what is around.

Right yous bitches we is not bangin ere about airports, da telephones and da big waters in dis agreement, an fo sure da spanish main man can forget gettin anythin back as he as no chance, innit.

Outa ere