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Press Release
New Gibraltar Airport Arangements

The British Government has agreed with Spain a method of deciding which EU aviation measures should apply to the Gibraltar Airport.

In the past there has been considerable delay in agreeing EU measures as Spain has blocked anything that mentions Gibraltar. The reasons are its three hundred year old sovereignty claim and the failure to pay compensation for the sinking of the Spanish Armada, which it is claimed was attacked whilst simply fishing in international waters.

Previously the procedure has been that after a token protest, the British cave in to Spanish pressure. In order to speed up the process it has been decided that when a new aviation measure is brought forward in the EC, the UK and Spain will ask the EU Commission whether or not the measure places any obligations on airports. The Commission will consider its response specifically in the context of Gibraltar Airport. If the Commission`s answer is yes, then Spain will request the Gibraltar suspension clauses when the proposal reaches the Council, and the UK will agree. If the answer is no, then Spain will agree that Gibraltar should not be excluded. Both the UK and Spain will accept the Commission`s judgement on this question as final.

In addition it has been agreed that in response to the word 'BOO' spoken by any member of the Spanish delegation, including but not limited to, the Foreign Minister, the British representative will promptly place a paper bag over his head, hide in the nearest cupboard and execute a bowel movement.

The Government appreciates the concerns that many in Gibraltar have expressed about their future. But we believe that they have nothing to gain and much to fear from discussion under the Brussels Process.

However, as they are a long way away and do not vote in the UK we consider that the national interest is better served by having tea with the Spanish ambassador in London, than in defending anyones EU rights.


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