Party Members The British Navy, which defeated our invincible armada, the parades of smart soldiers, the efficient banks and the shopping in Gibraltar must be stopped. The low price tobacco and drink and the wonderful cheese must be TAKEN AWAY.

We cannot wait for our weak president, and therefore the Flange party must stop being on the edge of things and get to the centre of our pipe dream.

This is a Titanic task, one doomed to sink, yet already we have stuck up small notices on a couple of lamp posts, taken pictures and run away.

We have not forgotten the heavy English policemen who tore down our noble flag, erected for ten seconds near the Moorish Castle nor their heavy boots.

We call on the Gibraltarians to join in and give us a good kicking, after all you are not in FIFA yet so you need to practice.

Gibraltar is a Spanish .... eeeehar !

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