Careful with that barrier Pedro, its rusty, not like the British gates
  Gibraltar, 3rd November 2003
Spanish officials acted swiftly to seal off the border with Gibraltar just before the first aniversary of the so called 'referendum' where 99% voted to reject joint sovereignty. The only explanation is that the Gibraltarians rejected the generous offer due to a mental problem caused by an infectious agent similar to BSE. Scientists in Spain believe they have isolated the causative agent, 'democracy'. In order to prevent its spread the border was closed promptly.
Although by this swift action managed to contain this deadly agent, outbreaks have been reported in Brussels, where the European Commission rejected the perfectly reasonable attempt to interfere in EU voting, and in Geneva where the absurd idea that Gibraltar could join UEFA has been spread.

Border guards in action   In future the frontier guards will be issued with appropriate protective clothing and may remove the trousers of anyone attempting to cross to ensure they are not carrying 'democracy'.

If this does not cause sufficient delay to the 'free movement' of people across the frontier, other measures will be introduced. Although it is well established that motor vehicles must carry red triangles, this may soon be extended to pedestrians.

Closing the frontier has revealed a large number of Spanish nationals crossing to be trained in subversive activities, namely 'working for a living' and this must be stopped at all costs.

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