Heres the position
of the Red Line,
or as its called in
Spanish, La Lineá

I'm a bit worried to read in "The Grauniad" you are giving away Gibraltar.

We need to be careful, as unlike here, their socialists are real lefties and although they are in NATO you just can't trust people like that.

You might remember it was jolly handy to slip in HMS "Tiresome" recently when the reactor fell to bits off Sicily and nobody else would touch it with a bargepole all the way down the Med.

If the Spanish ran Gib they would blame the radioactive fallout from the Acerinox plant in Algeciras on our lot, or worse still nick the diesel to sell as cooking oil.

Although we have cut back on the Navy and RAF and can't really afford to fly much these days, its a handy sort of refueling stop, rather like a motorway service station that we own freehold and can charge Yank tourists over the top for burgers.

Those Americans are all over Diego Garcia, Oh thats the place in the Indian Ocean the FCO told you was a Spanish politician, Anyway we really can't use it, despite clearing out the natives. Further down the Med the troublemakers in Cyprus moan endlessly about our sovereign base.

OK the Gibraltarians might have shouted a bit at you on your day excursion and press jolly, but at least they have not burnt anything down or climbed up the transmitter masts or taken us to court to claim the place yet.

Give it a bit of thought, because you know what Aznars boys are like, given half a chance, they steal anything. Look what they have had away from the EU budget and our fishing grounds. Remember They make good waiters, and after 300 years they can wait bit longer !

Best Wishes

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