Extension of the Picadilly line

Using technology developed in the Theatre Royal project a leading international software company is pressing ahead with the terminal for the extension of the Picadilly line to Gibraltar.

Speaking to the press in Ireland, multi millionaire company founder Howard Hughes (aged 106) said that despite setbacks in being excluded from the airport terminal project, that the new underground station was well behind schedule. "Give me your money", he urged investors, "and it will go into a hole in the ground."

He further discussed the contribution his company was making to preserving the heritage of Gibraltar, summarised in the following words of fluent Irish "Tanks, but no tanks".

Despite setbacks, the new airline would be offering cheap flights to London, New York Munich and County Kerry. These would be starting the day after tomorrow pending approval and sufficient hot air being available for fill the balloon. The start of ticket sales is now being reappraised due to the on going processes and synergy with the new developments as highlighted above.

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