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Trinidad Jiménez García-Herrera (born 1962) is a Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) politician and is currently Spain's Foreign Affairs Minister.

Born in Málaga on 4 June 1962, the third of nine children, Jiménez has a Law Degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid and is an international relations specialist.

In 1983, while still attending Law Faculty she with other students set up the Socialist Students Association. She joined Juventudes Socialistas de España, Spain’s Socialist Youth and was a member of its International Relations Committee. Jiménez joined the PSOE a year later. Jiménez chaired the International Relations Committee of Spain’s Youth Council and served on its Permanent Committee (1984–1986).

She was Spanish representative on a North American NATO Youth Exchange Program (1989) and headed the 'New Programs and Development' department of the Spanish delegation of the American Field Service. Jiménez also helped run the Office of the Secretary General of the National Commission for the Fifth Centennial of the Discovery of America.

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