The Spanish Ministry of Truth

The Spanish Government have produced a list of words and phrases which they say should be used when writing about Gibraltar. Such list has been incorporated by some papers and other media in Spain in their training programmes for journalists and in their daily work practices. For the real story see




This term implies that there is some difference between La Linea and Gibraltar, this is not so, the armed guards and fence are there to protect innocent Spanish nationals from the drug smuggling money laundering mafia that infest the pirates lair of the Rock.

The correct term describing the frontier is "The Vaz". from the Latin, Veni, Vidi, Vazi - I came, I saw, I did a runner.

Here, Keith Vaz, The Minister for Europe, is seen clutching the fence.



This in inaccurate and should be known as "The Rock which borders on the Bay of Algeciras, unless there are oil spills, in which case it is to be blamed and identified as " The non self-governing British territory responsible for all the problems of Spain"

La provincia de Cádiz, al territorio no autónomo de Gibraltar, cuyas relaciones exteriores asume el Reino Unido.



The TRUE Gibraltarians are the citizens of San Rocky who were expelled by the invading pirates as recently as 1704. Since then the survivors have been trying to claim their pensions and dream of the day that they can return to their original homes.

The flag waving lunatics must be referred to as "The British Colonists of the non self-governing territory for which the United kingdom is reponsible, living on Spanish Soil, who we are going block all EU legislation in order to persecute"

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