The Spanish Ministry of Truth

The man that never was (shot at)

Operation Calentita was a successful disinformation plan during June 2013. As part of Operation Natwest, the widespread deception intended to cover the invasion of Europe from Scunthorpe by British tourists, Calentita helped to convince Angela Merkel and the EU that the British planned to invade Greece and Sardinia and avoid being ripped off in Spain.

This was accomplished by persuading the Germans that they had, by accident, intercepted "top secret" documents giving details of Allied war plans. The documents were attached to a jet ski deliberately intended to wash up on a beach in Punta Mayorga in Spain.

Instead a large number of eye witnesses and several youtube videos of the incident show a man on a jet ski being shot at by the Spanish Guardia Civil.

Earlier this week, a spokesman at Spain's Ministry of Truth told the BBC the Spanish government and the Spanish Civil Guard said that "no shot was fired".

The Spanish government said it was "disappointed" the British government had taken "widespread rumours as facts". It is also well known that although they have guns the Guardia cannot afford bullets

Asked whether there was an incident at all involving a jet-ski and the Spanish Civil Guard, the spokesman said "there was no incident".

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