The war at sea 2010

Recently the Spanish Navy mine laying vessel the A31 Malaleche visited the Bay of Gibraltar, on a routine visit to deploy targets for Gibraltar Squadron gun practice.

The Gibraltar Squadron is the only resident sea-going Royal Naval unit in Gibraltar. An operational front line squadron currently consisting of two rowing boats and canoe donated by John Darwin.

Based in a disused bike shed in Gibraltar, the Squadron is operational throughout the year in order to meet its directive "To contribute to the maritime defence and security of Gibraltar and, where necessary, the prosecution of offensive maritime operations in order to allow BFG to support military ops as directed by HMG. whilst keeping well away from the Gardia Civil"

At the other end of Gibraltar, the mad mayor of La Linea de la congestion, contrary to the Geneva convention has deployed the biological warfare agent 'caca grande' against Western Beach which has been quarantined indefinitely.

Visits to the beach are strictly prohibited, except periodic checks by Porton Down personnel to determine the current level of contamination.

Sadly the world expert on the decontamination of small islands, Dr Kelly went for a walk and is not available for comment.

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