The war at sea 2012

In November there was a serious incursion in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters by an 88 metre monster bearing an oversized Spanish flag. The creature, believed to be the mother of the mayor of Algeciras, moved to the North of the Bay of Gibraltar where it coughed a lot due to the emissions of the refinery, and then quickly left.

The Minister for Europe, David Lidington, said:

“I condemn these provocative incursions and urge the Spanish government to ensure that they are not repeated. We believe that it is in the interests of Spain, as well as Gibraltar and Britain, to avoid any incident that may damage the prospects of developing a harmonious and collaborative relationship between Gibraltar and Spain. It is also in all parties’ interests to avoid incidents which could put at risk the safety of those operating in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.

We remain confident of UK sovereignty over British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and fully committed to protecting the interests of the people of Gibraltar and their wish to remain under British sovereignty.”

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