20,000 millimeters under the Sea

Prior to a re-make of the film 'The Silent Enemy' - a dramatisation of the events in WW2 where Italian frogmen based in Algeciras planted mines on ships in Gibraltar and were neutralised by 'Buster' Crabb, played in the 1958 film by by Laurence Harvey, Spanish divers from the Guardia Civil carefully measured the blocks, which are much larger and better made than the ones used in the numerous similar reefs dotting the Andalusian coast, including at La Lineá.

They left muttering 'this is mine' a common chant in Spain in relation to other people's property and territory.

The Governor of Gibraltar said: "The act of diving itself constituted a serious violation of British sovereignty but this apparent interference with the reef is a new and worrying aspect."

Another theory is that they were looking for the bullets that were not fired during the recent jet ski incident that never happened.

Commander Crabb was not available for comment. Other crabs say the reef is a great idea and protects them from being fished to extinction. "Its divine providence" they added.

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